Microsoft Social Listening – Bridging the Gap Between Universities and their Students

It’s widely documented students are more careful when making their academic choices with the increased financial commitment and questioned long term value of a degree in some quarters. The Guardian (2013) reported 47% of University graduates in the last 5 years have taken non graduate qualification related roles.

In light of this Universities are more than ever looking towards Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of a strategic technology solution across the University (in line with other solutions in the Microsoft Stack) to empower the relationship with their students’ from first interaction through enrolment, graduation and beyond.

What can Microsoft Social Listening within Dynamics CRM offer Universities?

Universities are now understanding the need to deliver proactive monitoring and communications across the breadth of social media technologies and aligning this to their business strategies. Furthermore, having this information fully integrated within their CRM system, enables reporting and proactive monitoring and engagement of conversations and trends, and the ability to open and manage cases from statuses / conversations, enhancing student satisfaction and loyalty, maximising retention.

Stuart Smith, Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment at The University of East London commented on the importance of social media as part of improving their student experience, “Social media monitoring is an essential part of the toolkit for universities who are committed to driving continuous improvement in their student experience and to capitalise on positive word of mouth for student recruitment. The integration of Microsoft Social Listening into Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an exciting development.”

Further evidence of the opportunity to drive student acquisition, immersion and experience through social media can be seen from The Student Room (2013), who reported 20% of students surveyed believe their University does not make the most of social media when recruiting new students. Moreover, The Guardian (2013) reporting 75% of students in Europe are on Twitter “all the time”.

Microsoft Social Listening delivers full social media monitoring and listening functionality right from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, further bridging the gap between the University and their students and empowering:

  • Deep understanding of the touch points of your students in the social web with your brand and products.
  • Detailed sentiment analysis on social media posts across a number of sites.
  • Tracking of your brand influence in 28 languages across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, news channels, blogs, and forums.
  • Competitive intelligence; See how you measure up against the competition. Identify differentiators, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Enhanced measurement and social impact of marketing, sales, campaigns. Gain insight on what’s working (the noise and conversation topics generated) and what isn’t.

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