Introducing Clutter from Office 365

How congested is your inbox? This month Microsoft rolled out Clutter, a feature within Office 365 that helps users focus on what matters by moving lower priority messages from the inbox to a new repository – your Clutter folder.

Using Office Graph, Clutter learns from your habits and preferences, based on documents read and shared and Yammer social interaction. It sifts through your mail, keeping what’s important upfront and sending potentially distracting messages into the Clutter folder for you to access at your leisure.

Don’t worry, if you’ve done the groundwork and already set up rules to keep your inbox tidy, Clutter won’t tamper with them. It’s also disabled by default, and if you don’t like your mail being screened, the feature can simply be turned off.

Clutter learns by example. According to Microsoft it ‘gets smarter over time, learning from your prior actions with similar messages and assessing things like the type of content and even how you are addressed in a message……The more you move, the faster it will learn.’*

The more you interact with Clutter – manually moving less important emails – the quicker it will get to grips with your inbox inclinations.

Common Question: “Will Clutter work in Outlook desktop clients?

Answer: Yes, once turned on by the user, Clutter is available and automatically added in your folder favourites.

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