Introducing Office 365 Video

With video fast becoming one of the most powerful and engaging communication mediums, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has announced a new video streaming service within Office 365.

Office 365 Video will, from early 2015, enable all Office 365 users to securely upload, post and share videos organisation-wide.  With its good-looking user interface and intuitive content management options, this ‘NextGen Portal’ promises to win over users and meet business IT requirements.

It’s powered by Azure Media Services (the provider used during last year’s Olympics to deliver 6000 hours of footage over 18 days) and thanks to adaptive smooth streaming technology, optimises video playback according to the device being used.

Office 365 Video


Take Four

According to Microsoft, there are four core elements within Office 365 Video that are worth exploring:

  1. Simplicity
    With drag and drop functionality, it couldn’t be easier for content owners to upload videos in a range of video file types. Standardised playback files make for fast and easy viewing.
  2. Discoverability and share’ability
    Videos can be found via Office Delve, a search service which draws on the Office Graph (a social graph based on a user’s connections and activity) to find the most relevant results. Users can also leverage Yammer, Microsoft’s business-oriented social network, to post videos and enjoy what is considers a ‘social, personalised experience within Office 365’.
  3. Mobile
    Phones, tablets… whatever device is in use, people will be able to view, upload and share videos within Office 365.
  4. Built in security and easy to manage
    Permissions can be set for the home page that lever the same Active Directory that powers authenticity Office 365-wide. Admins can manage permissions for each channel via the same governance model.

Encryption, both ‘at rest’ and ‘in transit’ ensures security by design – company videos can only be accessed by authenticated employees with the appropriate permissions.

See how Office 365 Video can enhance your business communications.
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