Following from the eXtreme CRM conference our team attended in May (here), it was clear that Dynamics CRM and integration with the wider Microsoft product stack was being heavily invested in. Microsoft are making their tools work better for organisations in their drive for better service delivery with new/existing customers.

In this 3-part series, we are going to take you through the key new features of CRM 2015. This first post is going to compare how Unified Service Desk (USD) & Business Rules have been updated since 2013.

Originally USD was included in the Enterprise USL, now USD is part of CRM Online Pro USL. This now means that licensed users can access sales, service and marketing capabilities that allow for a better view of all customer information and communications pulled together and presented in a single application.

Business Rules:
In CRM 2013, business rules were executed on the client side which meant that you must open a record in the client device for the rules to execute. Now, business rules are executed on the server side. This means that the rules will always fire up regardless of user interaction.

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