Cortana & Office 365

How many times do certain colleagues arrive completely unprepared and often late for meetings because they didn’t check the traffic or hadn’t reviewed the day ahead first thing? Every office has one. But hopefully that is about to change as Microsoft have recently announced the exciting integration of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, and Office 365 for business with Windows 10.

The internet, aided more recently by the cloud, is being fed copious amounts of data and content by the second. This means that developers are busier than ever creating the technology that can not only filter, but be intuitive to an individual’s needs for certain information, not to mention accessible from multiple locations and devices. The creation of Office 365 for business is Microsoft’s answer for increasing productivity at work by utilising the right information, making it accessible, and making it work hard so an employee’s time can be focussed on the job at hand and not bogged down in admin and data research that the likes of Power BI, can already interpret and analyse for us.

The integration of Cortana with Windows 10 will bring to the mix for Office 365 (for business) users, the ability to build on this incredible access to data and content that Cortana will decipher and use the knowledge she gains to help users not only continue to increase their productivity, but also plan their day better, and pull together intelligence that will allow for better insight into projects and meetings.

If you already use Cortana in your personal life, having her come to work with you, particularly if you’re someone that spends much of their time travelling to visit clients and attends regular meetings, has to be seen as something to embrace. If you already have an Office 365 (for business) account, you need to enrol on the Windows 10 Insiders Program, running in Preview, in order to activate and connect Cortana to Office 365.

Cortana is also doing something incredible with analytics… more on this soon.

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