What is CRM

The technology industry is full of IT terms and abbreviations that to those outside, mean little. With this in mind, we thought it was a good idea to unpack one of the most common terms that is widely used, but not always so widely understood… What is CRM?

Let’s Start with the Basics, CRM Means…




It’s a system that centralises company data that is great for tracking leads, gaining customer insight and identifying pipeline opportunity. It’s also a great tool for managing relationships by recording and keeping track of all communication with existing and prospect customers.

Who is it used by?

A CRM system can be utilised into most organisations and built customised to specification and needs, empowering sales, marketing and customer service teams. For specific features, see our Dynamics CRM page.

How can a CRM System help an Organisation?

A typical business problem that a CRM system can solve, is bringing all important company data and customer information into one, central system which can be accessed by multiple users.

Organisations often find themselves with data and information stored across a multitude of places such as spreadsheets, devices and scattered filing systems, not to mention the amount of knowledge available within teams that isn’t shared across departments. All this information is difficult to track resulting in a high duplication of documents, and relationships with customers goes out the window because communication isn’t recorded.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click here. Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your CRM needs in more detail or to arrange a free 30-day trial.

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