Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft have just announced that they will be releasing the next version of their customer engagement solution –Dynamics CRM 2016 in Q4 later this year!

This is our most comprehensive CRM release and a milestone in the company’s efforts to reinvent productivity


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is enjoying a great wave of success at the moment and have confidently positioned themselves as market leaders and continue to champion the way forward in business productivity and processes. Particularly, Dynamics CRM and the Office 365 suite of applications have been built to work seamlessly together, allowing for significant collaboration opportunities between colleagues and ease of sharing which has had a great impact in workplaces where Microsoft products have been installed.

Using Dynamics CRM, customers are achieving more than ever as the ability to track relationships and identify prospects from a central system, has enabled employees to access up-to-date and complete information wherever they are, across a number of devices; organisations are witnessing their sales teams consistently exceed their monthly targets.

So what new features are available in Dynamics CRM 2016?

Microsoft have designed Dynamics CRM 2016 to allow customer-facing employees to manage their daily activities in a single experience, removing the nuisance of having to switch between applications and getting distracted.

The new capabilities include:

  • An enhanced Excel experience within CRM

    Including new templates that can automate core tasks.

  • The next generation of Microsoft’s CRM app for Outlook

    Enabling email tracking & contact records to be added, even from within email.

  • Delve functionality to surface trending content that is most relevant to what a person is working on

    We recently wrote all about Delve in a recent post, here.

  • Personalised sales documents

    That can now be built using CRM data with Document Generation, removing the need to manually extract data for documents such as quotes, orders and invoices.

  • Next Generation Cortana integration

    We recently documented Cortana’s integration with Office 365 and now Microsoft are taking this to a new level. Within the new release, sales activities, accounts and opportunities will be embedded into Cortana for her to be able to surface in order to aid salespeople.

Away from productivity, Microsoft have also hinted that Dynamics CRM 2016 will be game changing in areas of intelligence, mobility and service. Marketing and social engagement will also continue to be invested in.

For more information about this latest CRM release or to discuss how we can meet your organisational needs, please contact us.

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