Over the last couple of months we have been regularly informing and updating you (through this blog) of some of the great new Microsoft technology for business that we’re not just excited about, we think you should get on board with. Technology such as: Dynamics CRM, particularly because of its new updates (here); Sway; Power BI; Cortana’s integration with Office 365; Office Mix and most recently, Skype for Business. Today we have another great new add-in within the Office 365 suite to tell you about, Delve.

So what is Delve?

Delve sits in the App Launcher in the Office 365 suite alongside the other offerings such as Excel, Sway and PowerPoint. Using the Office Graph API it revolutionises the way in which content is surfaced to the end user. One of the issues that SMB’s through to Enterprise organisations have faced historically, is the inability for their users to find the information they need, and find it quickly. So often employees fail to navigate through complex structures to find data that should be ready and available to them.

Delve turns this scenario on its head by surfacing content from within the organisation that is relevant to the individual without them lifting a finger; surfacing not only the documents and information that they have worked on, but also the content that others who work closely with them have worked on too. Delve also suggests content that may be relevant to the user or their role.

The Delve User Interface

Microsoft are keen to mimic social trends (as previously seen in the evolution of the SharePoint Newsfeed to Yammer) to engage users in an interface that they are comfortable with and know how to use intuitively. Delve follows this in much the same way and aligns itself similarly with Pinterest -users can create their own boards and follow others already set up within their organisation, to pin useful information alongside content that is automatically surfaced.

Delve integrates seamlessly into Office 365, not only surfacing information from sites in Office 365, but also shared content within OneDrive for Business. Documents can also be posted to Yammer with the ability to post comments without even leaving the Delve interface.

What’s next for Delve?

With enhancements to the Office Graph API happening all the time, Delve is set to grow and grow. Some of the known items in the roadmap presently are enhancements to the mobile experience, including further “wearables” support so that alerts are surfaced on items such as the new Apple Watch and the Microsoft Band. Definitely something to keep an eye on!

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