Microsoft Dynamics and ADXstudio acquisition

Yesterday Microsoft announced their most recent acquisition, the key product and technology assets of Adxstudio Inc., the leading provider of Dynamics CRM Integrated Web Portals, which transform Dynamics CRM into a powerful application platform with dozens of out-of-the-box features and starter portals.

So what does this acquisition mean for users?

Currently Adxstudio portals already offers the following starter portals:

  • Community Portal

    Perfect for Customer Self-Serve Communities

    Featured Apps: Help Desk, Forums, Blogs, Polls, Ideas, Issues, Events, Profile Management, Web Content Management, and more…

  • Retail Portal

    Online ecommerce with products, catalogues, cart and transactions tied to CRM entities

    Featured Apps: Catalogue, Cart, Transactions, Location Finder and more…

  • Partner Pipeline Portal

    Manage supply and distribution channels, automate and manage downstream opportunities

    Featured Apps: Customer & Account Management, Opportunity Distribution Management, real-time Dashboards and more….

  • Government Portal

    Ideal for Local Government Services, Permits and Licensing

    Featured Apps: Service Requests, Permit and Licensing Applications, Location Finder & Constituent Profile.

  • Bilingual Company Portal

    Manage your organisation’s public or intranet websites from within CRM

    Featured Apps: Web Content Management, Career Postings & Applications, Service Scheduling

  • Intranet Portal

    Provide a basic intranet sample

  • Conference Portal

    A complete system to manage your multi-session conference events

    Featured Apps: Sessions, Agendas, Registration, Transactions, Speakers & Sponsors, Post-Session Surveys and more!

As the UK’s leading developer of ADX portals, Pythagoras has developed many portals for our clients. We also have a number of Frameworks (Starter solutions) for many of our verticals, which include Higher and Further Education solutions for Universities and Colleges. This will allow these institutions to: manage Open Days and other events; capture student applications; and manage International Agents.  Our Finance solutions for Insurance and Broker management enable clients to login and update their own details and view their current deals.

Pythagoras is excited about Microsoft’s acquisition with Adxstudio and we eagerly await their enhanced R&D into this amazing product. Essentially, these new features will allow users to connect and broaden their customer interactions online.

…web self-service is now the most popular channel customers use to find help. Microsoft is committed to delivering intelligent customer engagement solutions to empower people and organisations to use these new channels to more effectively connect with their customers online.

Bob StutzCorporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When is it available?

All the new features and solutions as part of the acquisition are available to all Microsoft Dynamics Customers -both cloud and on-premises – now!

For more information about anything mentioned above or how Microsoft Dynamics can empower your organisation, please contact us.

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