Microsoft edge

Have you ever seen something on the internet and wish you could take notes, write, doodle and highlight directly onto the webpage? Good news, now you can with Microsoft Edge!

Available exclusively to Windows 10 and released over the summer (2015), Edge has been designed with the intention to replace Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10, accessible across mobile devices.

So what can it do?

Microsoft Edge provides web surfers a new dimension to explore the net, here’s how:

  • Search directly through the address bar: Get search suggestions, instant results and browser history in an instant.

  • The Hub: Your central point to store everything on the web –reading lists, favourites and downloads to name just a few.

  • Reading List & Reading View: Save interesting & useful articles for later and make reading easier by using the ‘reading view’ for a cleaner, simplified layout.

  • Cortana integration: Microsoft Edge integrates fantastically with Windows’ personal assistant, Cortana. If you see something you don’t understand or need some more information, highlight the text and ask Cortana to find out more.

While initial reviews have been positive, Microsoft Edge arguably still needs a little more time to develop its core features to be in with a real chance of competing with other web browsers in the market. But we’re hopeful and like so many things, technology often needs a bit of probing before it really takes off. Stay tuned!

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