National stress awareness day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and it’s important that each and every one of you takes 5 and asks yourself, How am I feeling?

Prioritising your mental health and wellbeing has to come first, no matter how crucial that deadline is to meet; if it’s making you lose sleep and making your mind go a bit AWOL, then you need to step back and identify what it is you’re finding stressful, and work through it in bitesize portions, even if that involves bringing another colleague on board to help you.

At Pythagoras we function on a happy, reliable workforce and champion a healthy work-life balance, fortunately through Skype for Business we can sometimes pick up on colleagues who appear to be working later than they should be. That being said, stress still inhabits us from time to time as does it everyone, so while we can tell you how technology can help your organisation, general wellbeing in the office is another matter.

Here are a few ways some of our Pythagoras colleagues relieve themselves of stress:

“Chocolate! Always a good ‘pick me up’! Also just general distraction – sat at home watching something funny likes a Friends re-run is my usual go-to when I’ve got something on my mind!”

“Taking regular breaks during the day and doing some exercise in the evenings and at weekends –the fresh air allows my mind to clear of any worries and concerns I might have about anything, not just work stuff.”

“Before I react in particularly stressful situations, I take a brisk lap around the block outside the office, which more often than not allows me to look at a particular task differently and I come back with a more rounded solution to a problem.”

“After a busy day at work I love to just sit and let my mind escape with boxsets of some of my favourite TV shows.”

“At weekends I really enjoy attending car shows which not only is something good to look forward to, but gets me looking at something different than my PC.”

“Watching ‘Friends‘, dancing around to some music (when I have the house to myself), yoga and having a laugh and joke with my family!!”

Any number of things can cause varying levels of stress, and when you’re stressed, you can find your levels of agitation increase two-fold so your annoying colleagues that: type loudly; sniff don’t put their phone on silent while having a constant stream of messages coming through, can take you to breaking point. Stress can also make you interpret things differently such as emails, a friendly one from the Office Manager about kitchen cleanliness suddenly becomes a personal attack.

So when you’re next feeling stressed, remember some of the ways we suggested and maybe try them yourself? If you have any ideas that you can recommend, please feel free to Tweet us @wearepythagoras.

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